The following are the next steps toward implementing Country Transformation Initiative (CTI) in Ghana.  It doesn’t provide dates or timelines listed for the process but this should help with gaining overall perspective on adding Ghana to the list of countries currently being considered for CTI.

Identifying the Key Leadership Team of influencers within the country who can serve as on-the-ground community hub for the Transformation Initiative is the primary step. These Leaders will need to be verified and vetted by the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation(JMLF) as Country Coordinators.  In partnership with TGLI, they will be prepared by the JMLF for the launch of transformation by casting a vision for CTI of Ghana.  William has been meeting and holding discussions with recommended people of influence in Ghana who have expressed interest in joining the Leadership Team.

Receiving a letter from the President of Ghana asking Dr. John C. Maxwell to freely enter Ghana and begin the CTI process and procedures is the main step.

Once the letter from the President is received, the JMLF would then begin discussions on what Ghana Transformation would entail and when it would begin. The JMLF would have to look at its Human Resources and Financing Plan to get a better idea of overall timeline for Ghana CTI.

Once The JMLF has indication that Ghana is ready for Transformation, we would set up a meeting with Country Coordinators Manuel/Carolin (Guatemala) and Tim & Gaby Teasdale (Paraguay) to help the Ghana Team to better understand the CTI process.

Every Country is different and carries unique pain points as well as areas of strength. Once these are understood and 10 values are established through the assistance of the Ghana Leadership Team and TGLI, we will begin strategy meetings to determine how the content on Values will best fit in a Roundtable Format.  The JMLF’s content Team will provide assistance in completing this phase.

Pre-Launch Trip to Ghana of 4–5 Days – Designed to Cast Vision for future Launch Trip – Dr. John C. Maxwell, Mr. Mark Cole (CEO) and Dr. William Amponsah would conduct meetings in Ghana with all the key leaders and staff in the identified 8 Streams of Influence.  Dr. Maxwell will prime the pump for the Launch day and begin building momentum towards transformation.

The key here is utilizing TGLI and the identified Leadership Team on the ground to build momentum for the Pre-Launch trip and set up all the necessary appointments and meetings.

Our expectation is to have larger gatherings for those leaders representing the 8 Streams of Influence.

Launch Trip (around 5 Months after Pre-Launch Trip – 4-5 Day Trip) – Dr. John C. Maxwell returns with 250–300 John Maxwell Team Coaches to help teach and train on how to facilitate effective Values-Based Roundtables. Translators (where necessary) are paired up with each JMT Coach and they are sent out into the Streams of Influence to begin teaching/facilitating Roundtables.

Note that this is a kick-off event to get Roundtables started and begin the reproduction process. What we are not spelling out here is the constant work that we are placing on TGLI and the identified Leadership Team in Ghana to set up all Streams of Influence who will host Roundtables so when the coaches arrive, they are hitting the ground running and training non-stop.

Intentional Living Content – Dr. John C. Maxwell will return 8-10 Weeks after the Launch Date to talk on Intentional Living Roundtable Content. This will be the content we move to once the 10 Values-Based Roundtables are completed.

Dr. Maxwell will do a Voluntary Faith message at the end of each training Session on Intentional Living.

Based on Dr. Maxwell’s commitment to CTI, he will work on scheduling 3-4 months visits to continue to launch new facilitators who are reproducing themselves on the Intentional Living and Transformation contents.

The key for a successful CTI is found in the facilitators and their being successfully reproduced.

The tipping point for transformation is reaching 10 percent of the population of Ghana.

Please note that CTI is an uphill climb that takes hard work.  But everything worth fighting for is always uphill!  To God alone be the glory for this opportunity to transform Ghana.