Values-Based Leadership Roundtables facilitation involves teams of 4 to 10 individuals from all 8 streams of influence in the nation.  These include Government, Business, Education, Family(including the Youth), Faith, Arts and Culture, Media, and Health and Sports. During a Roundtable, one of our designated facilitators leads discussions about selected character-based values but all participants share from their own experience.  As a result, everyone grows together by being given the opportunity for a win – including the facilitator.  Our partner, the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation (JMLF), hasbeen undertaking CTIs since 2013 in Guatemala, Paraguay, and Costa Rica.  The process includes identifying specific sets of values that are applied to transform people during Roundtable discussions.  Some of the values applied are attitude, competence, setting priorities, relationships, commitment, forgiveness, initiative, integrity, honesty, work ethic, personal growth, etc.  Participants examine their own character, discuss during Roundtables, and commit to take action steps toward genuine change