Transformation Ghana Leadership Initiative (TGLI) was founded in February 2019 by Dr. William Appiah Amponsah, an ordained minister and professor of economics in the USA who is passionate about leadership.William’s executive leadership and training in negotiations from the Harvard University Consortium’s Program on Negotiations is buttressed through direct maximum impact mentoring he has received for so many years from Dr. John C. Maxwell.  He is also a certified leadership coach, speaker and trainer of the John Maxwell Team and continues to receive mentoring in leadership from Dr. John C. Maxwell, Mr. Mark Cole (President of John Maxwell Enterprises), and other mentorship faculty of the John Maxwell Team such as Mr. Paul Martinelli (partnering founder of the John Maxwell Team and Mindset/Entrepreneurship trainer), Mr. Chris Robinson (Sales and Marketing trainer), Mr. Roddy Galbraith (Speaking trainer), and Mr. Christian Simpson (Coaching trainer). He is also certified and recognized as a Global Priority Solutions Specialist to facilitate Transformation Roundtables.

William is also founder of Self Leadership Coaching International, LLC a consulting company based in Georgia, USA dedicated to the development of individuals in the areas of personal, business and organization strategic growth and leadership.  His speaker/leadership training sessions as well as his one-on-one and team coaching have influenced his numerous clients’ trajectory towards success.  He has dedicated his life toward adding value to others, especially the youth – the most important catalyst for the continuing development of Ghana.

As a development and applied economist by profession, William has contributed about 30 years as a professor and researcher in institutions of higher education in the United States.  He also serves as a consultant in development economics, macroeconomics/public policy, and agricultural marketing/trade policy. He received his B.Sc. degree in Berea College, his M.Sc. degree in the University of Kentucky, and his PhD in The Ohio State University in the USA.  He also attended Adisadel College from 1971 through 1978.

He was responsible for developing and serving as director of the International Trade Center in North Carolina A&T State University in the USA through raising millions of dollars in grants from both federal and state sources.  He has also served as director of the School of Economic Development at Georgia Southern University. He once served as National Panel Manager for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Research Competitive Grants Program in the area of international trade.

He was also responsible for writing the proposal that was funded by the Government of Canada to establish the African Trade Policy Centre in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.  His consulting work span many development institutions all over the world.  His most cherished accomplishments are in being invited by the Institute of International Education (USA) to host the new cabinet and provincial leaders of South Africa in 1995 for policy dialogue in North Carolina following the post-apartheid elections, and serving with Sigma One Corporation in organizing and speaking during the Ghana Policy Dialogue Conference funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and held on June 1-6, 1997 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Subsequently, in 2013 when the Chairperson of the Government Assurances Committee in the Parliament of Ghana, Hon. Emmanuel Bedzrah, reached out upon referral to him with the need to help support a program of training for that Committee in the area of Government Oversight, William arranged with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government in the University of Georgia to sponsor and train the Committee members (both NPP and NDC members and one clerk of Parliament) for free in February 2014.

The training was successful and led to another appeal by the Parliamentary Finance Committee to also request another training that was conducted again in Georgia for all members (NPP and NDC members and one clerk of Parliament) in September 2014.  Actually, it was following this training that William became convinced about the need to intensify his skills in leadership practice to engage in transformation of leaders.  This need led him to seek out Dr. John C. Maxwell in 2015.

William has great ability to assess situations, identify problems, and strategically design working plans of action to empower and offer life-altering success to the individual, organization and business.  His background in development economics has convinced him that human potential is realized by gaining awareness and enhancing/developing the individual’s capabilities/possibilities. He is persuaded that identifying and cultivating societal norms and values contribute to what the 1998 Nobel laureate in economics Amartya Sen argues as the human “capability to function” in the growth and transformation process of a community and nation. However, the transformation process must start with dialogue among participants during Roundtables to reveal common values and practices aimed at cultivating leaders of character, competence and care.

William is committed to providing training and facilitating dialogue that will enrich the individual’s attitude, inflame their passion to succeed, and enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence.