Dr. William Appiah Amponsah

Founder of Transformation Ghana Leadership Initiative

Transformation Ghana Leadership Initiative (TGLI) was founded in February 2019 by Dr. William Appiah Amponsah, an ordained minister and professor of economics in the USA who is passionate about leadership.William’s executive leadership and training in negotiations from the Harvard University Consortium’s Program on Negotiations is buttressed through direct maximum impact mentoring he has received for so many years from Dr. John C. Maxwell. He is also a certified leadership coach, speaker and trainer of the John Maxwell Team and continues to receive mentoring in leadership 

Mission Statement

Transformation Ghana Leadership Initiative(TGLI) adheres to adding value to leaders who multiply value to others. The results are growing leaders who produce transformation in themselves, their communities and our nation. Our desire is to multiply our influence by inspiring and developing leaders in all eight streams of influence in Ghana for transformational impact.

Vision Statement

We envision a future in which the Ghanaian spirit contemplates in abundance in our oneness with our God, and our human capabilities know no bounds in successful analytical, creative and practical intelligence.As our individual lives are changed, we expect the companies and organizations where we work to be changed, the culture of companies and organizations will improve…


As trained and certified leadership facilitators of the John Maxwell Team, our founder and other principals of TGLI partner with all John Maxwell Enterprises and principally, the John Maxwell Foundation (JMLF), in delivering our Ghana Country Transformation Initiative (GCTI). We model values-based Roundtables as the key essential methodology to create…

Evolution of TGLI

Five years ago, while attending the VIP breakfast of world renowned leadership guru Dr. John C. Maxwell during his annual Live2Lead conference at the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. William Amponsah submitted a letter to Dr. Maxwell inviting him to consider the countries of Africa for transformation.



Country Transformation Initiative (CTI) – Values-Based Leadership Roundtables: Values-Based Leadership Roundtables facilitation involves teams of 4 to 10 individuals from all 8 streams of influence in the nation. Read More

Leading through Crisis: In a series of sessions, we apply tools exclusively taught by our mentor, Dr. John C. Maxwell, to encourage leaders to face the challenges of today with hope and confidence. Read More

Goal Setting: It’s Crucial for your success and personal growth. Participants will be taught how to set and achieve goals in 5 areas of their life including: • The benefits of goal setting • The reason why people don’t reach their goals Read More

Becoming a Person of Influence and Connecting well with others: Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by becoming a Person of Influence. Read More

Youth Empowerment Curriculum: Developed by the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, the Youth Empowerment Curriculum consists of 16 lessons on selected values and 1 Leader’s Guide. The 16 lessons are divided up into Read More

How to Lead from any position in any organization: During this training session, participants will be led through unique opportunities many professionals have to exercise influence in all directions – up (to the boss), Read More

Self-Leadership: One of the most important questions you must ask yourself before you decide to lead is “Would I follow me?” If the answer is not a resounding yes, then you’ll have some work to do in your personal leadership growth. Read More

Strategies for Becoming a Winning Team: In this session, our principals will help your team reveal how their current attitudes and focus on bad days hold them back from having better results. Read More

Our Call to Action

We invite everyone in Ghana to imagine the potential for our nation as key streams of influence are collectively impacted and we realize lasting, positive changes in efficiency and productivity at the personal, community and national levels.We provide additional programs geared toward leadership development, personal and professional growth, mind-set shifts, business and organization growth,and effective communication and connection strategies.We invite you to jump with us and build your wings on the way down! Let’s do it TOGETHER NOW!!!


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